How important are good manners and etiquette these days? I would say, very important. In today’s busy world, how you treat others affects how people view you. When you can affect people’s influence of you in a good way (by using manners and etiquette), you can use this persuasion and influence to improve many aspects of your life, including the business of finding a job!

I proved this theory recently when I encountered a few people who displayed good manners and appropriate etiquette. I realised that I couldn’t help but like them, they put me in a really good mood and, as a result, I wanted to help them. Their behaviour influenced me into wanting to do all I could for them. I was very aware of this influence and they weren’t fake about it, just genuinely showed me how well they can conduct themselves. As a result of witnessing their good manners and etiquette I felt comfortable in recommending them to another person. On the other end of the scale, someone with bad manners will promptly put me into a bad mood and as a result I won’t be keen to help this person in the future. Human Behaviour 101 you might think but you’d be surprised at how many people are not clued in to the simple fact that good manners and etiquette can take you a very long way.

I’m aware that with law and accounting graduate recruitment jobs closing in a matter of weeks and the careers expo coming up next week this is the prime time to be aware of how you conduct yourself. I found this website dedicated to manners and etiquette:  It covers a number of areas such as finding a job etiquette, interview etiquette, online and phone manners and networking etiquette.

Good luck with finding a job everyone and always, always be aware of how you conduct yourself, the person you’re next talking to might be the key to that amazing job.

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