1. Umbrellas in rubbish bins

They say you can’t beat Wellington on a good day but it’s been pointed out that Wellington can beat you on a bad day. Umbrellas which have been blown inside out and discarded in rubbish bins says it all. I should say it takes more than a wet windy day to dampen spirits – the reason you can’t beat Wellington comes down to more than weather. But don’t take my word for it: wonderful-wellington-showcased-in-blog4nz

2. People in business attire wearing running shoes

If you think this is some sort of fashion faux pas I should say that hobbling at half normal walking pace isn’t a great look either. Not only will you save your feet by wearing sneakers but you’ll save your wallet by not having to buy work shoes every 3 months.

two people waiting at the bus stop

3. People wearing next to nothing on freezing mornings
8 or 9 Months out of the year no matter what the weather is, you’ll have to get past that chilly morning. Sometimes I’m shivering in my Marino woollens and there are gaggles of people wearing next to nothing. They’re usually younger and hipper and show no signs of being cold. The pessimist in me says they’re trying hard not to shiver because that would make them look foolish and not so edgy. The optimist in me thinks that they’re younger and as such can probably just bear the cold.

Sometimes when we are coming out of the cooler months and the sun makes its first desperate attempts to make an appearance you can you can forgive people for being overly optimistic. The unfortunate thing is that these clear spring mornings are also freezing.

4. People wearing jackets on sunny days

This is the flipside of the coin and these are the people who have been caught out before. They suffer more in the cold than in the heat and at least 9 times out of 10 they are just stuck sweating inside their jackets or carrying them around everywhere.  But on that rare day that starts out sunny and eventually turns to custard… well, on that day they will be Kings and Queens and rule us all with an iron fairydown!

5. People shivering outside having a smoke
It’s against the law to smoke in a public workspace. Is this an attack on our freedom of choice? Smokers tend to think so. Either way I try not to look smug as these people are still angry and I don’t wear running shoes to work.

6. People who have already been working for hours
These are the people who make sure the place hasn’t descended into riots amongst piles of trash overnight.

7. Vistas

View from a hill (not a helicopter!)

That might be a nice way of saying you’ll be walking up a hill at some point. Perhaps if you work in the central business district you’ll get away with keeping on the flat and maybe walking along the waterfront. I used to walk home through the Wellington Botanic Gardens from time to time but now I live further out I catch the train along the coastline… then I walk up the hill. That’s why I think Wellington is a place you’ll never get sick of exploring – just turn a corner you haven’t been around before and if nothing else there’ll most likely be a view worth contemplating for a while.

8. Zombies

Zombies!? Were you expecting hobbits? First thing in the morning you’ll be sidestepping zombies who haven’t had their morning coffee.

9. Jingling buckets

Sometimes there’s a good cause with a bucket around every corner. People collecting for charities are amongst those who have been out and about for a while. Every now and again there’s one charity which blankets the streets in collectors. A few coins make the hassle and guilt free walk to work well worth it (if giving isn’t reward enough).

10. Friends (and aquaintences)

I’m not saying all those strangers are really your friends – I mean you’ll actually see a friend or two – people you know and like. Wellington is a pretty small place when everyone comes from far and wide into the center of the city to start the working day.

Of course you’ll always see those people you’ll recognise but don’t actually want to talk to as well;  just look away before they spot you and that’ll give them the opportunityto see you and then pretend they didn’t (if they hadn’t done that already).

What have I missed?

Now I know I’m missing some things from the list here. People reading a book while listening to their MP3 players and crossing a busy road got culled. Blanket man didn’t make it cause that just requires too much explaining and I’m not sure if he even makes an appearance before lunch. This is just my experience on my own little worn out path on the way to work, feel free to suggest your own (I’ll probably kick myself that it wasn’t on the list!).

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