Every now and then I come across an article about students studying fascinating subjects and feel a tad jealous. Why wasn’t that around twenty mumble years ago?  It is now possible to graduate with a ‘fab’ Masters degree in Beatles Studies from a Liverpool university, revolutionise the future as a Nanotechnologist, take lessons in the beautiful game with a Degree in Football and always good for a laugh is a Degree in Comedy.

fozzie bear

Your future tutor?

With the rising cost of higher education, it is important to choose your degree courses with care, considering both economic and personal rewards. Some students will have a definite career path in mind like law which usually dictates the courses, while others will choose subjects they have a particular passion for. It is a good idea to study something you are interested in as you will do better at it and are more likely to stay focussed and engaged.

However it can be argued that not all education is productive! Included in the Toptenz list of the 10 most useless degrees are:

  • It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a PhD in Ufology from Melbourne University
  • Catch a wave with Surfing Studies at Plymouth (UK) or Melbourne
  • It’s a degree Jim but not as we know it – Star Trekking at Georgetown or Indiana in the US
  • Who ya gonna call? A Parapsychologist from Coventry, Edinburgh, Northampton, Liverpool in the UK, or Belford and Flamel in the US!

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