Here at Vic Careers we have been discussing how to make better use of Twitter and decided that we all should make an effort and put more tweets out there. But what to tweet about? ‘Anything in relation to us’, was the reply. ‘Get their attention!’

Using social media to bring attention to yourself reminded me of some blogs I’d seen on the Guardian Careers site considering the benefits of social media and job seeking.  The idea was to set up  the ‘Twitter Job Challenge’ to find out whether employers take notice of tweets from graduates. They began by asking a graduate to select five potential employers and use Twitter to convince them to hire her. Can you catch an employer’s attention using Twitter?  Find out what tactics she used and how she got on here.

On the same site, social media executive and ‘massive fan’ of the technology, Simon Caine, shares his Twitter Tips on how he has used Twitter to find jobs. 

Twitter has always been a key tool that I’ve used to create career opportunities. I’ve either found the roles advertised via Twitter or first made contact with a company this way.

On the other hand, there are plenty of people who argue against Tweeting as an effective job seeking tool and not every employer will be using it. However, if it’s your sort of thing, why not give it a go? Happy tweeting and let us know how you get on!

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