With two big career expos coming up in May you need to start thinking about how to make the most of these events.  Career Expos provide an excellent opportunity for making contacts with potential employers in an informal, non-threatening way. 

Key to success is giving a strong confident introduction and having good questions ready to ask of recruiters.  Remember these people are there because they want to talk to YOU!  So, there is no need to feel self conscious about approaching them as this is what they are expecting and hoping for.  In fact, if you see a recruiter standing on their own, that is an excellent time to make your approach.  Recruiters really dislike standing around with no one to talk to and are delighted when students approach them.  Start off by introducing yourself using a firm (but not crushing!) handshake, tell them what you are studying and what year of study you are at.   If they don’t have a name tag ask for their name, what their position is in the organisation, how long they have been with that company and what they enjoy most about both the organisation and the type of work they are doing.  For example, what made them choose the organisation and why do they stay?    

What next?  Remember this is your opportunity to learn about the organisation and what they look for when recruiting.  Here are some ideas to get you started, I’m sure you will be able to think of others! 

  • What are the major challenges for the organisation?
  • What recent achievements are they particularly proud of?
  • What is the organisation’s culture like?  What kind of leadership style do they have?
  • Does the organisation hire on a continual basis or just at certain times of the year?
  • What do they consider to be the characteristic of their most successful employees?
  • What kinds of skills and experiences do they look for in new graduates?
  • Do they have a preference for particular degrees or courses?
  • Are there opportunities for ongoing training?
  • Are employees expected to relocate in order to progress?
  • Is there any formalised structured training or orientation for new recruits? 

See?  It’s not really that hard!  These questions alone should be able to keep the conversation going for a reasonable amount of time.  No doubt other questions will arise depending upon how these ones are answered!  Go out there and have fun!

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  1. Those are great tips! Thanks.



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