Finding what you enjoy in work is more difficult than just thinking of what you like to do in your down time. After all, when a vocation becomes a job it can lose its shine because it’s coupled with other tasks, perhaps a lack of security or independence, no sense of meaning or contribution and maybe a work culture that doesn’t fit your style to name a few things.

Basically: it’s complicated. Finding work that makes you happy will take time, self exploration and exploration of how you operate in the workplace (Millie summed this up so typically well in her post on good career advice a few days ago). This might mean taking some risks, possibly moving on when the fit between you and a particular work environment isn’t right, taking some time out from work to learn more about your potential and discovering and breaking old habits (after all, is it really the situation that has to do all of the changing *).

The authors of the blog theWorkExperiment (Sarah and Anna) are two people who have decided something has to change – either continue being unfulfilled through work or take some risks and make the effort to re-evaluate their approach. They share their experiences, insights and helpful resources along the way.  The site is divided into two sections, one for each author, each with its own style and focus reflecting the individuals. Sarah’s blog revolves around 3 Experiments where she 1) takes the time to explore her interests, 2) gives back by doing what she enjoys and 3) earns through doing what she loves. Anna’s blog focuses more on her goal of achieving financial freedom through passive income streams in only 365 days.

Someone once said something which couldn’t be said better:

It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen

I forget who that was but I’m sure their words carry the weight of a mighty intellect so be assured.


* pertinent lyrics footnote time!    “Remote control to change the station, but that won’t change your situation.”
Beasty Boys, ‘Remote Control’ from the album ‘Hello Nasty’
Lyrics to “Remote Control” entirely brilliant!

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