6 May, 2011

Your First Job Offer


After all the effort that you have put into deciding on your future career, filling in application forms and going to interviews and assessment centres, you have received your first job offer. Well done to you. You should be extremely pleased with yourself.

Accepting job offers…  Should you?

 The next question to pose is do you take it? Perhaps that question would be easier to answer if you could understand the contract they’ve sent you.

First of all the offer is likely to be subject to a few bit and pieces. Your references must be satisfactory; some companies ask about your health and supply a questionnaire for you to fill in; you may have to pass a security check;  your exam results should be true and accurate; and you must be eligible to work in the country the role is offered in.

Secondly, you don’t need to rush into accepting a job offer if you have reservations of any kind. It is far better to have a think, ask a few questions and put your mind at rest rather than rush into it.

Pay special attention when reading through your contract.  Ask the employer to explain if necessary or get a legal opinion.  Employers will often be flexible about start dates and the package they are offering you, unless it is a graduate recruitment programme. If you don’t feel that as a sum total it is a fair package, say something. The worst they can say is no.

For further information and resources take a look at these sites:

Quiz / tutorial on  salary negotiation tactics from QuintessentialCareers

Salary guide from Trademe Jobs

Evaluating your job offer PDF from Vic Careers 

Still confused!  Time to visit Vic Careers

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