We’re half way through Trimester One and we’ve had a few people coming into the office telling us they aren’t enjoying what they’re studying because they’ve realised it’s the wrong choice or it’s not what they expected. Getting into University and subsequently the job market is so much more competitive these days and it can sometimes be harder to change direction when you’re faced with managed enrolments, student loan rules and general ‘where am I headed?’ thoughts swirling around your head.  Preparing yourself as early as possible is the key and research, research, research! But what if it’s later rather than earlier? Are you doomed to stay studying what you no longer enjoy? Not at all. It might mean a few life adjustments but it’s never too late to come in and have a chat with a Career Consultant about a new direction. Plus we have our Career Quest programme which is an online career guidance programme developed by Careers NZ (the new name for the government careers service) for use by anyone exploring or planning a career path. You can do the questionnaire here at 14 KP or online at Careers NZ www.careers.govt.nz/tools/careerquest/  

At the other end of the scale we get people enjoying what they are studying but no clue on what they can do afterwards. If you’re wondering where you degree is taking you then our website has some useful resources for you to investigate: www.victoria.ac.nz/careers/resources/degree_options/ Plus come in and have a careers appointment, you don’t need to wait till you have a problem, a ‘career check up’ can happen at any stage and sometime it’s just nice to know you’re on track.

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