Reasons for why should we employ you?Are you sounding sincere, or desperate? Or are you merely dumping information?

Most candidates:

– sells what they have: their qualifications, academic achievements, experience, skills, knowledge… thinking that the more of these qualities they own, the better they are.


already have all this information on a candidate’s CV/Resume. They need something else to convince them.


It’s not just about if you have what it takes to perform the job, but it’s also why you want the job!
This is really important in helping employers deciding if you are worth hiring. They want to know if you have the right reason and motivation to be in the job whole heartedly. Candidates are often overly concerned about their grades and skills, but neglected to ask themselves why they want the job. Chances are if you are really passionate about the job, even if you don’t have what it takes, your employer will be happy to train you up. On the other hand, if you have everything needed for the job, but you don’t know why this is the job for you, employers will probably have to think twice before hiring you.

You might have to dig deep, but sometimes, all it takes is just reorganising the order/structure of your reply. See samples below:

Candidate A: I have all the requirements needed for this position: qualifications, skills and knowledge. I’m very hardworking and I’ve good work ethics. This will be an ideal job and company for me. 

Candidate B: I love this field! I am passionate about this work! And I am so inspired by the thought of getting to actually work with such an exciting brand. Working here would satisfy a lifetime goal to represent this company! Of course, I have strong academic achievement and work experience to back me up too.

Doing the hard sell is never easy, but finding the reason why the product that you sell (yourself) is worth the value will certainly help with making the sale a successful one.

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