Are your job applications failing to lead to interviews? Are you getting interviews but failing to translate them into job offers? We all know that the current job market is becoming increasingly competitive. How are you choosing to deal with it?

Perhaps your solution is more job applications…there’s a certain logic here…apply for enough jobs and eventually you’ll get an interview. But how can you produce targeted, well-written applications when you are applying for jobs in volume? And will your self-esteem survive the constant rejection?

In a tough employment market you need to work even harder to understand what the employer is seeking and to demonstrate that you can meet their requirements…and do so in an attractive, organised and well written application.

If you have applied for ten or more jobs and have received no interview offers then you need a job-search review. What’s that?  Time spent with a professional looking at your processes including job and opportunity sourcing, your CV, cover letters and application forms, your understanding of job descriptions and how you research employers.

If you’re getting interviews but not job offer, an interview-debrief may help which involves reviewing your performance to date and identifying areas for improvement. Contact us at Vic Careers or book on-line for an appointment. Contact and booking details are available for Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand) students and graduates on Victoria CareerHub at

If your job-search energies are flagging a little, watch this entertaining video featuring the four winners of a Resume Makeover Contest. Watch them being prepared for their individual video resumes – not really a concept that has taken off in New Zealand but interesting to see – and there are some great career tips on grooming and presentation that are very relevant to an interview situation or dressing to impress at a conference or expo. Enjoy.

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