Job hunting on the sly, or stealth job hunting as it is known, is never easy especially if you are in full time work. Let’s say you graduated one or two years ago, found a great first job but now it’s time to move on. You don’t want your employer to know you’re considering leaving – they did give you your first break after all and taught you all you know – but you still need time to look, complete applications and attend interviews. You don’t want to burn bridges too soon either, so what do you do?

This article by Leon Gettler covers lots of options and links to sites about job hunting on the sly, some with a myriad of ‘useful’ excuses as to why you need time off; beached whales, your daughter’s school play, washing machine flood…

Probably the most practical advice relates to keeping your job hunting to a minimum at work, not using your work email or computer to browse job sites, being careful about posting things online and choosing your references carefully. Trusted colleagues and friends can provide good leads as long as they can keep a secret and make sure prospective employers know you are currently employed and would appreciate confidentiality.  Also, before you jump ship, check out the prospects and opportunities in your current company, just in case you’re at the top of the list for a promotion!

So what do you do if you get busted? Honesty is the best policy says Forbes: ‘Be gracious and, if possible, be honest with your employer. Some supervisors might be supportive, and if they know you’re fielding other offers they just might offer a raise to keep you.’ Maybe.

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