Oh the job interview. For a lot of us this can seem like one of the scariest things you’ll go through – especially if you REALLY want the job. For others, it seems they’ve somehow mastered the Zen of interviewing. How do you get interview confidence? For me it comes down to one thing: preparation.

“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.”
Quote by Arthur Ashe

I treat every interview I’ve ever had like an exam. I work really hard to find out as much as I can about the company, the position and then I practice my answers to questions out loud. I prepare till I can quote answers in my sleep. It’s my belief that if you’ve prepared and practiced as much as you can then this will help with feeling confident. You can never predict every interview question you get asked but there is so much material available these days – including on our website – that you have no excuse not to be prepared.

So you’re all ready, feeling good, but what happens when all your preparation disappears the minute you face the interviewers? Some people can just LOOK scary!

Your aim is to walk into the interviewing room knowing – without a doubt – that you can do the job. It’s not a grilling session, or a “test”, but a meeting of two professionals – one of whom is impressed enough by your CV to realise you’re a possible, and the other (you) trying to find out whether the job / company is as good a fit as you thought.”
Quote taken from this article from jobmarketsuccess.com

It’s very easy to let your interviewers seem like power wielding gods about to destroy or grant you your dream but they honestly are only human. Keep telling yourself that because you’ll relax that little bit more and your preparation and natural personality will shine through. Plus don’t forget that this interview is as much about you finding out more about the role as it is about them seeing if you’re the right fit.

Finally, this article from quintcareers made me smile because it is very possible to over-do interview confidence. Read the ‘Used Car Salesman’ applicant to find out how. I used to be an ‘Aw Shucks’ applicant then moved onto being a ‘Date Dumper’ and so as a result I do think it very important to analyse your interview style and keep adjusting as necessary – especially if despite all your hard work you may not get the job, which is why it’s really important to get interview feedback.  Don’t give up, keep trying and take your new found confidence and think ‘one company’s loss is another company’s gain’.

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