This is a true story!

A businessman dismayed by the quality of job applicants has responded by sending them all a few helpful hints – make sure you actually want the job you apply for, learn to spell, and avoid the word “bubbly”.

The employer received 200 applications after advertising for a retail assistant in Wellington, but found that many of them were not really seeking the advertised job. At least 30 applicants said they wanted to be a teacher or an artist.

“I suggest there are two possible ways for applicants to deal with this problem,” he said in an email to all 200 jobseekers. “One is to hide the fact that you don’t really want the job but are applying only because you have nothing better to do, or because you won’t get the unemployment benefit unless you make such applications.

“However, a far better course, in my view, would be not to apply at all.”

He thanked them all for applying but offered some further tips. He advised them to double-check spelling and grammar, avoid describing themselves as “bubbly” and include details on education.

“Many applicants said little or nothing about their schooling … I was rather dismayed at this, so here is some friendly advice from a complete stranger: if you have no or little education, go back to school now.”

One of the 200 applicants said she thought the response was outrageous, and she felt insulted at its “disrespectful, arrogant tone”. The employer reported that three people who had taken umbrage had contacted him, but 40 had emailed back thankful for the advice.

“I didn’t have the time to write back to everyone and say, `Well, the reason that I didn’t hire you is you’re an idiot’ and so forth.
“I was just trying to help a group of people who had taken the time to apply for a job.”

He has since filled the position, and is looking for an extra employee.

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