Well, we are back on the Gen Y theme again. A study in the UK described Generation Y university leavers as “fiercely ambitious and strongly motivated by money, status and career advancement”, while their managers “have a more conservative view of graduates’ pace of progress.”

Has it always been the case that new graduates expect different things from their managers or will the current difference in attitude have long term effects on graduate job satisfaction, retention and an organisation’s performance? The recent survey in the UK (whose job market is similar to New Zealand) found that graduates’ top three priorities in the workplace were challenging and interesting work (33 per cent), earning a high salary (32 per cent) and advancing their career (24 per cent). They considered work-life balance to be the fifth most important factor. However, managers were found to have misconceptions about what university leavers prioritised – rating salary fifth and work-life balance tenth. They also overestimated the importance of good management and leadership – rating it third, while graduates placed it twelfth.

It is interesting that 16% of those grads surveyed wanted to move on from their job immediately especially in light of the statistics that in the UK there are 83 graduates going for each vacancy. So, it’s competitive to get the job but then are the graduates looking to have too much too soon without progressing at a reasonable pace? What do you think?

To read the full article, in the ‘People Management’ magazine, discussing this survey click here

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