In our office we deal with people on a daily basis who are feeling a little bit lost – either in their study choices, their future study choices or in their career choices.

If you are one of those people there is lots of exploration and research work you can do which can help identify your skills, interest areas and values to match up with potential qualifications and employment options.  Here are some resources you can try:

Career Quest – Career Quest is a good interactive tool you can try to help you match skills you have or would like to have, and personal and study interests, to potential occupations.  It’s free and available to use on the Careers NZ website:   We also have a version here at Vic Careers.

Skill Matcher – You might like to try another interactive tool from the Careers NZ website to help match your skills to job ideas:

Jobs Database – Another really useful section of the Careers NZ website is the jobs database section – we use it heaps in the Vic Careers Office. For each of the hundreds of jobs listed, you’ll see a job description, summary of the qualifications or training required, profiles of people doing the job and the job market outlook.  You can also look up jobs in specific industry areas:

Our ‘Career View’ series of publications give an excellent overview of a wide range of disciplines, what skills you can expect to develop, where graduates might find work and several profiles of recent graduates.  You can find the complete list of Career View titles here:

Another source of information is our Graduate Employment Destinations website which provides employment outcomes for graduates broken down by major subject area and level of qualification, see:

Hopefully you’ll find the above helpful in exploring and identifying career and study possibilities.  Make a list of subject areas and possible careers that might interest you and then you can contact us at Vic Careers for further advice.

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  1. Hey, this is a really helpful article. Thank you! I am surely going to take a whole lot of tips for myself.



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