In the south of England they call it white mud – here in Wellington we think it’s pretty cool! This will probably be a once-in-a lifetime opportunity, so put down that pen, close that book, log off and get outside in the snow. Out in the neighbourhood this morning were things you don’t usually see: snow toppped cars, snowmen of varying shapes and sizes,  all sorts of improvised sledges from black plastic bags to boogie boards, and of course, numerous snowball fights.

Having weathered several attacks over the last few days from my seven year old nephew and usually coming off worse, I needed a few tips. Canadian Will Harvie offers us snow novices some advice on winning techniques – dodge, don’t duck, and time your counter attack are the main tactics to try. 

For the serious snowballer, there’s an art to making a perfect snowball too. Check out this article, YouTube and wikihow for packing techniques, snow choice and if you want to get really mean, snowballs with ice cores. 

And for those who don’t like wet gloves or require perfectly formed amunition, there’s always the Sno-baller.

Have fun, and remember you haven’t played hard enough if you don’t have snow in your gumboots, in your hair and down the back of your neck.

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  1. Man this helped me a lot thx dude!! Ive won shit loads of wars now 😉



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