twitter logoYou are what you tweet – and 140 characters can either make you or break you!

I was recently reading a blog post by Justin Flitter on ‘Is Twitter hurting your job search?’  Similar to very practical but often unheeded advice like not having silly voice mail messages  and  using inappropriate email addresses  when applying for jobs, Justin offers a quick Twitter checklist:
• Your @Name should be your actual name or close variation – employers don’t want to see things like @ImdaBizBomb
• Try not to use numbers or underscores if possible
• Your bio should be short, snappy, personal but sensible
• Your avatar photo should be of you –  should not show alcohol or cigarettes or anything remotely offensive
• The background image should be of something meaningful to you, or a professionally made image with your picture, contact details and digital points of contact

Check out his blog at:

More and more companies are using Twitter to seek employees but the number of job tweets can be overwhelming and often not relevant to your particular need.  It is important to develop an effective and efficient Twitter strategy if you are going to make the most of this online resource.

Most importantly, follow people, leaders and organisations most relevant to your job search.  These include potential employers, university career services and alumni office, career advice sites, and professional associations.  You can follow organisations easily on Twitter, almost like a customised news feed from their marketing or PR teams.   Following, however, is not enough.  They need to know that you’re there!  Connect with them by replying to their tweets, following tweeted links to their blogs and leaving comments, and also tweeting them any thoughts or links you think they might find interesting.

Never forget how important your online reputation is!  Be sure to avoid swearing, lying, posting inappropriate photos, being rude, or making derogatory comments about previous jobs, managers or colleagues.

You can find some more tips on using Twitter on these blogs:

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