It’s the first week of Spring and while you may want to be acting like the girl in the picture I know these final 6 weeks (yes, 6 weeks) of lectures will keep you busy before the exam study starts in earnest.

If it’s your last semester then it’s also a good time to be thinking about your job prospects for next year. Finishing University is definitely the end of an era and I think a lot of us procrastinate on the job hunt because we don’t want to accept that our life is changing. I know next year seems a lifetime away, especially when your lecturers are demanding your soul on paper, but a bit of preparation now could pay (literally) dividends.

So, how many of you have started job hunting? We’ve been seeing heaps of students who are already at this stage but for those of you who aren’t let this new season springboard you into action.

In short, don’t be this guy….

I was searching to find something inspiring and found an article titled Top 10 Must-Do Job-Search Tips for Spring 2011 Grads. Yes it’s American and has American examples but I like the points the author raises. Food for thought…

Remember Vic Careers is here to help at any stage, even once you’ve graduated. Remind yourself what we can help you with by going to the Vic Careers website

For those of you who won’t be finishing this year and are thinking about finding a summer job to keep you going until Uni starts next year, our fabulous career consultants are working on a ‘Finding Summer Work Handout’ which should be ready to go by the end of this month. We will promote it widely but keep it in mind.

Good luck with your first week back!

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