I don’t like taking chances.
I like to be in control.
I like to keep to my routine/schedule.
I like to know where my destination is before I set my foot.

Are you happy with where you are?Imagine if...

I think so… Life is ticking along well, the world is still moving, I’m still breathing… I guess I am happy… or maybe not? I’m not really sure…

Have you ever found yourself asking ‘what if…’, ‘if only…’?

Oh yes, all the time! Especially when I look back…

You know why? That’s because you have lived your life waiting for the ‘perfect’ moment or opportunity. But while you are waiting, you have given up/lost all the other openings along the way!

Well, yes… but I think the perfect moment/opportunity is worth waiting for.

How do you even know if this is the perfect moment/opportunity or not, if you don’t even try? This opening could have been your perfect moment! You only get to live your life once. Would you rather live your life wondering what could have happened if you have taken on the opportunity? Or would you rather take the chance, give the opportunity a go, and be contented knowing the end result (be it successful or not)?

But… what if I fell terribly and make a big fool out of myself?

Who cares? Hey, the key point here is that it’s not about being successful or not.
Fantastic if you have been successful.
But if not, at least you have given it a try.
This is yet another successful process of ‘eliminating the impossible’. You can now forget about this and move on to your next venture. Another step closer to finding your perfect opportunity! Not to mention the experience that you have gained along the way… 

I still think I should wait. Maybe I can sit back and observe first? Seize the moment!
Next time, I would definitely go for it!

No no no, never wait for a second chance! You would be very lucky if you are given one, but it doesn’t happen that often… Successful entrepreneurs don’t sit around waiting for second chance. Almost instantaneously, they snap up the opportunity whenever one comes along…
Remember, it’s not just about success or failure!

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