I was looking for some ideas on presentations recently and found myself browsing the knowhr.com blog article called Top 10 Best Presentations Ever. I’m going to recommend this because not only is each presentation fascinating in its own right but also if you want to learn something about what makes a great presentation there’s enough variety here for everyone to take something away from Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech in 1963, to Rupert Everett singing I say A Little Prayer For you in the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding.

Ok, so while that gives an idea of the variety you won’t rush to check it out based on that! My Favourites are Steve Jobs demonstrating the Apple Mac back in 1984 and Malcolm Gladwell talking about what we can learn from one man’s quest to create the perfect spaghetti sauce (well, the perfect way to market it anyway). Jobs’ presentation may not have aged so well I have to say and that’s a great part of what I enjoy about it – the fact that the feats the computer achieves in 1984 look laughable now make the sheer audacity and total commitment of the presentation style stand out in greater contrast. Malcolm Gladwell’s approach is completely different, no stage show, just a simple story which highlights complexities of human nature along the way.

This list is followed up by another top 10 list which author Frank Roche created in response to reader feedback. These tend to be a bit more serious and historical in nature and I prefer the original list as a result. I think Roche put together a list which is intentionally varied and successfully conveys the fact that when it comes to presentations there’s no single golden rule, you just have to work with your strengths and give it your all.

Enjoy: http://www.knowhr.com/blog/2006/08/21/top-10-best-presentations-ever/

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  1. Hi Graham,

    I just dropped by to say thank you for the reference to the Top 10 Best Presentations Ever. It’s funny…I put that together based on some personal favorites…and it seems to resonate. Even after a few years it’s still the most popular post on KnowHR. I did try to mix it up…and have a little tongue in check with Rupert Everett (although I do think that music and a darned good story are big parts of great presentations).

    Thanks much.

    Waving hello from Philadelphia.




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