As the job market becomes more competitive, you need to think outside the square, be proactive and think of creative ways to job search and secure a job interview. Here are some useful ideas to get you noticed:

Networking is a great way to meet contacts in your industry that could potentially help you find a new opportunity, change careers or move up to management level. You can even follow companies through social media networks such as Twitter or Facebook or business networks like LinkedIn and tell your friends, family and contacts that you are looking for a new job. For New Zealand university students and graduates, check your CareerHub Events section and sign up to attend seminars, employer presentations and careers events. There is also a workshop on ‘Networking’ to learn how networking can help you find a job

Volunteer work
Volunteer work is a great way to break into a new industry, learn additional skills and make new contacts. Employers look very favourably upon potential employees who volunteer and you can ask the organisation to provide a reference for you. Volunteer Wellington is a local organisation which provides a fantastic referral service for volunteer work and you may be able to find similar sites and businesses in your local area.

Sending out unsolicited CVs
Sending out CVs to companies of your choice is a good way to secure an interview. Companies will often have a page on their website where you send your resume to their HR department and larger corporations will have websites dedicated purely to job searching and invite you to register your interest in future career opportunities and job alerts sent to your email (don’t forget CareerHub also provides you with the job alert service!). When sending your CV to smaller companies, find out the person who is in charge of the hiring or the head of the department you are targeting so you can personalise your application. Always follow up with a quick telephone call to make your CV more memorable in the mind of the employer.

Blogging is a great way to showcase your writing, creative skills, graphic design skills or let the world know that you’re looking for a new opportunity. There are easy to use platforms like WordPress, Blogger and TypePad that allow you to easily customise a blog template or take it one step further and buy a web hosting package and your own personalised URL and host the blog on your own website.

Door knocking
Write out a list of organisations you want to target. Access business directories/professional associations or look for websites which have directory listings in your industry. Print out copies of your CV and go from business to business and ask for the HR manager so you can give them your resume or CV. This works well in creative industries like advertising or sales or industries like trades, retail and hospitality where they have a shop front so you can speak to the manager.

Take note, not all methods will work for all industries. Conservative companies or government organisations may only stick to traditional methods of hiring staff whereas industries like publishing, fashion and retail are more open to unsolicited applications. The first point of call is to find out the culture of the company you are targeting and work out what methods would work best for them

Don’t forget Vic Careers are here to help!

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