Next week is Mental Health Awareness Week (10th – 16th October) and will be marked in over 150 countries. I think it’s very timely as a lot of you will be finishing last minute assignments and tests, starting to prepare for exams and looking for a summer job or full time work.  It can be very easy to let the stress of it all get on top of you but let next week remind you that it’s important to look after yourself. The University is running a few events which you can find out about from Disability Services and Student Counselling, but take heed of what the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand say on their website:

“By consistently incorporating the winning ways to wellbeing into your life, you can improve your mental health and wellbeing….it needn’t be a daunting task, start small, work at it over time and you’ll ‘get in the game’.” 

For those of you struggling with the careers side of things have you come and talked to us? We’re open all the way through the study break until a few days before Christmas.

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