8 November, 2011

Skype you later

A friend of mine has a Skype interview next week and she came to me in a panic asking ‘how do I prepare? if it’s skype does it mean it’s less formal? what should I do?!’  

The use of Skype for an interview, particularly if the job is in another city or country, is very common these days so it does pay to be prepared. A lot of people use Skype at home to chat to friends but just because you use it in this way don’t think it will be any less professional than a face to face interview or when you are in a formal video conferencing situation. Treat a Skype interview as you would a real face to face interview.

My top tips would be:

Check your Skype name. Just like your email address it pays to make sure your Skype name is business appropriate.

Practice using it before hand! Even if you are a confident Skype user you want to make sure everything is set up properly with regards to picture and audio.

Dress as if it were a face to face interview – not only does this help put you in the right frame of mind but you don’t want to have to get up half way through and they see you’re wearing your comfy tracksuit pants.

Speak slowly and clearly – a lot of us speed up our speech and start sounding like Minnie mouse when we are nervous. New Zealander’s can also be a bit lazy at separating their words, so make sure you enunciate everything.

For more tips, including whether to look at the camera or the computer screen, see Skype Interview Tips

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