Google is so much a part of daily office life that the term Google has officially become a verb – to Google. I don’t mind saying that each and every day Google fills in some gap in my know-how, sometimes providing trivial information, sometimes helping me develop new or existing skills. Ok, so it’s not Google that ultimately helps me out, it’s just the means of finding the information. If I have a decent base knowledge in the use of some programme then learning how to do that something extra or solve some annoying problem is only a search away. I don’t think I’m alone in this respect either, almost half of the searches being done out there are being done with Google.

Take a moment to notice the weirdness that other people search for

But how much time are we wasting by trawling through irrelevant results and trying alternative search words and combinations? I dare say it would add up to be some considerable time but then again Google’s my home page for a reason. There are some tricks you can use to ensure you can find the information you’re after from the 273 million plus websites out there!

Learn to Search Google Efficiently (by

If learning a list of tips just sounds a bit boring then try out agoogleaday. Every day there’s a search challenge and you get feedback on how you could have improved your search method.

For other tips and features you may not have known about check out

By the way, if you find that new Google Instant a pain in the neck like I do (that’s where the search box jumps to the top of the page and sometimes decides it knows what you meant to type better than you did) you can turn it off in your preferences which is now hidden – click on the cog (settings) at the very top right of the page > select search settings > check do not use Google Instant.

Finally, I should say there are plenty of other search providers out there!

A list of search engines
A list of alternative search engines for finding music, images, academic writings or specific file types.

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