If you’re a student or graduate who has landed yourself a summer internship consider yourself very lucky as you’re on your way to starting your career or dream job! So use this opportunity wisely. In today’s competitive job market an internship can be a terrific way to gain experience in your field and give you an invaluable opportunity to network within that organisation.

Try to learn as much as possible about the organisation and its employees before you start. On your first day, get there a few minutes early, with a smile and a positive attitude. Of course, being on-time every day is important!

Here are further tips:

Have a good attitude. Be flexible and offer to do more than what was asked and make sure you deliver quality work. Your fellow employees will appreciate your contribution and your boss will notice…and remember.

Dress for success. Follow the company dress code. A smart, professional look always makes a good impression.

Develop contacts and get to know your co-workers. Network and try to build relationships with others at the organisation. Quickly learn everyone’s names and roles and use those names often. Doing so makes you look confident and competent, and will surely make other employees remember you.

Be prepared. Keep a notebook with you at all time, and be ready take notes. It’s a subtle way of showing you take this opportunity seriously.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. If you are unsure or unclear about an assignment, ask your supervisor for more information. Asking questions upfront shows you’ve got critical thinking skills, which is something employers really appreciate. As an intern, you are there to learn.

Details, details. Everybody has their own style of working, including your supervisor, so be observant and conform your working style to theirs. For instance, how does your supervisor communicate – email, text, phone, in person? Do they use social media? You diligence will build trust and rapport and can lead to a good recommendation or a future full time job offer.

Show initiative! Maybe your supervisor has needs for volunteers for a new assignment or is looking for feedback on a current project. Stepping up to take part in a project or offering a thoughtful opinion is a great way to show you’re a team member that you’re not afraid to take the initiative.

Work hard and enjoy your internship!

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