Proactive job search and the numerous face to face social interactions that this requires can be difficult for most of us but introverts are likely to experience greater stress and frustration than extroverts unless they recognise, value and exploit  introvert traits rather than attempting to emulate those of ‘extroverts’

I was interested to come across Wendy Gelberg who appears to be a bit of an expert on the topic and who has written several brief but helpful articles that focus on the positives of being an introvert and how to leverage these in both finding work and succeeding in the workplace.

Take a few minutes to read her articles.

Introverts’ Job Search Advantages

Introverts as Leaders

Proud to Be an Introvert

Finding a Job That Fits

The 4 P’s of Job Search Success

10 Steps to a Successful Introverts’ Job Search

Alternatives to Self-Promotion

Introvert’s Path to Job Search Success

Social Networking for Introverts

Beating Introvert Interview Fears

Introverts’ Job Search Quiz

Introverts’ Guide to Recruiters & Staffing Firms

Introverts’ Guide to Large Networking Events

Tips for Introverts to Keep Your Network Alive

Job Search in a Tight Economy

Lessons from Presidential Campaigns

Holiday Networking for Introverts

Job Search For Introverts

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  1. Thank you for these very useful resources. As an introvert myself and having worked (as a careers consultant) with a number of introvert clients, I will refer to them often.



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