I can’t believe it’s December…

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I know that December means different things for different people but for me it is all about the Christmas holiday break and I can’t wait. Before we finish though there will be the traditional office Christmas party to end the year on a high……or is that a low? I’ve had a good laugh at the number of ‘surviving the office Christmas party’ articles that exist but for a lot of people they should be required readings. I’ve been to many Christmas parties in my time, some I’d prefer to forget and others I really loved, but if you have RSVP’d to one then I’d like to highlight my two New Zealand required readings for this year:


View Auckland

Fortunately for me we are a small team and as such it will be a civilised Christmas lunch this year rather than a full on Christmas party but I know that right now, somewhere in the world, an office Christmas party will be taking place…..and right now, somewhere in the world, someone will be waking up thinking ‘did I really say/do that..?’ Don’t let it be you!

Finally, I’d like to wish all of you a very happy holiday break, whenever you get it this summer.

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