For most of us, getting one job offer is something to be celebrated and rightly proud of. Yet, a lucky few candidates find themselves in the enviable position of having more than one offer on the table. It does make you wonder what they have that you haven’t. Sean Brunner, Director at Robert Walters recruitment consultancy suggests (Dominion Post Nov 2011) that these job seekers tend not only to have ‘relevant, in demand qualifications and technical skills, but also ‘softer skills’ and the ability to fit into any environment.’

Soft skills like communication and interpersonal skills, empathy, organisational skills, team management and leadership, or cultural awareness for example are all valuable in a tough market and it is vital to demonstrate your capabilities in these areas to a potential employer. You may have gained these employability skills through previous work experience, part-time jobs, voluntary roles and even study related projects, so take time to think about what you have learned.

And if you are faced with multiple offers,  how do you chose between the different roles and companies? It can be a tough decision and one that requires doing your research and making an informed and balanced choice. Of course money is an important factor but going for the biggest pay packet shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. Sean Brunner says that most people will have a preference by the time they reach the offer stage but you should also consider career prospects, culture and company fit. He suggests:

  • Write a pros and cons list, looking at key areas of importance to you
  • Consider the career options 3-5 years on and your career goals
  • Check out the company’s performance and future
  • Don’t be lured by dollars and perks – it’s often more about the fit
  • Don’t keep employers waiting and be open and honest about your situation.

Good luck!

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