I think of business cards as an ultra lightweight CV. It won’t say as much through words but the presentation alone can speak volumes – you can go ultra minimalist to give that organised focused impression or get more creative and leave a unique impression which is great if you’re in a creative field.

When thinking of the minimalist business card the business card scene from American Psycho will forever be emblazoned in my mind. It’s obviously an exaggeration of how little room for creativity there is at the minimalist end of the spectrum and how important minute details are but there’s a bit of truth in there too!

But if the cookie cutter style doesn’t suit you and you want your card to say something unique about you then there’s plenty of scope to show your inventive flair. Take a look and find some inspiration from this article on http://www.crookedbrains.net:  Creative Business Cards

I quite liked the divorce lawyers’ one, the tear is both symbolic and practical – but most of all professional and memorable.

Can you still have a business card if you are currently sans business?

Sure! A business card doesn’t have to only refer to your current job title, it can represent you for what you are. If you’re an unemployed designer (or whatever) you’re really a designer between jobs and if you’re a one of those then you’re really a designer full-stop. You’ll never know when you’ll be in a conversation with someone who takes an interest and who may even be in a position to make a difference to your career in some way. If they ask you for your card and you can produce one that can do great things for the impression you make or for what some would refer to as your “brand”.

Great! I’m going to forget about my CV and just focus on getting a good business card – so much easier!

I never said. Don’t do that. If you’ve got time to enhance your brand and concentrate on networking once you’ve got those all important CVs and cover letters sorted then by all means do that. Till then… don’t do that, I never said that.

So I need to go and buy some card and a craft knife right?

Well, maybe it’s better to start off letting the experts do the lion’s share of the work. Call around a few local printers so you know what the cost is and any additional requirements or suggestions such as dimensions. Maybe just start off seeing what templates your installed word or image processing software has or can download and then maybe get creative using those as a base. Starting off basic is a good idea because we can often get a kind of design blindness when creating something making incremental changes as we go. It’s like watching your cute kitten grow and not really seeing the change from that cute little cat you had 8 years ago to the ragged eared, bent whiskered, shaggy tailed beast of children’s nightmares that you still love now.

Just don’t get carried away and ask others their opinion Is all I’m saying!

Happy networking and brand building.

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