Well the work year is winding back up and there’s still a few people trickling back to work. The process has been made so much easier by having a long weekend after only two weeks back into the grind.

For a long time I didn’t really know how to take long weekends to relax – long weekends were for achieving something big usually something around the house or developing new skills related to my professional development. I once dedicated a long weekend to learning JavaScript and pretty much said to my wife I was going to be in my own little bubble of concentration for the weekend. She was pretty good about it and mostly left me to my own devices. That worked really well actually, I did pick up a new skill which was endlessly useful and it only took a few days.

These days I don’t have that sort of time, I have a little one to look after for one and that alone takes up the majority of my time in the weekends. I still take time to concentrate on my own projects and develop new skills but downtime doing something fun which doesn’t have to be particularly constructive from time to time means that I’m not burnt out for my own projects or during the work week.

What I’m saying is pretty obvious really, it’s about balance and long weekends are a great way to bring things back into balance. That might mean catching up with skills development or catching up with friends – have you been neglecting one of those lately?

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