We all tend to have new resolutions at the beginning of the year and we are lucky in the Southern hemisphere that it is summer so we may take a holiday too. Even if you don’t get away the days are longer and the sun is out so we feel happier. In this goal setting mood and with a smile on our faces, it is a good time to begin some serious career planning before the start of the academic year.

First year students are getting all excited about starting out at Uni and you are sure going to have a good time. However, before you start, read through the guides explaining what support there is while you study. Also make a note of what you have been doing over the summer and set some goals for what you would like to achieve in addition to your studies in the first year. At Orientation listen out for info on your University Careers Service and make sure you know how to find out about the part-time jobs and where to get help with CV checks.

Middle year students could be in their second, third or fourth years and these are quite crucial times in terms of building the experiences for your CV. You can think about getting involved with volunteering or student support roles. You can update your CV and apply for more subject related part-time jobs. Attending career workshops and going to expos during the year is a really good idea so book the dates in your diary now and use the CareerHub online resources.

Final year students need to ask themselves if they are ready for the graduate recruitment season. If you are not prepared, then get onto researching what opportunities are available and find out the deadline dates. Prepare your CV and attend workshops on the application and interview process. Remember, if you don’t know what to do after graduation, you can talk with a career consultant at Vic Careers.

Start your planning in January as the year does fly by.
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