Sometimes our best resources can be found right under our noses.  How many times have you delighted in discovering something new – a new book, new event, new friend, new company, new place to visit, new product etc and realised that in fact, this information had been right there all along but you just hadn’t seen it or taken any notice of it?

So… let’s have a little think.  What might be one of the BEST ways to jump-start your career?  Where do you think you can have access to potential employers, cool jobs, work experience and job coaching?

Are you keen to…

  • Find out where the graduate jobs are
  • Meet with employers and recent graduates and learn first-hand about real life work experience
  • Get tips on how employers select students and graduates from hundreds of applicants
  • Develop strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Have access to the best career resources
  • Gain valuable work experience

If you answered yes to any of the above, you don’t have far to look for these great opportunities.  If you are a currently enrolled student apply now to be considered for Vic’s Volunteer Career Assistant Programme.  Students who have gone through the programme have told us how much it has helped them with career success.  Find out more about the programme and how to apply by going to our ‘Get Involved’ webpage:

What are you waiting for?  Rock your future by getting involved!


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