It is really important that you are ready to apply for graduate employment before your final year of university study. Many students put off thinking about looking for graduate work until well into their last year when many opportunities have already passed them by. Recruitment and related activities take place throughout the year, with the busiest time being early March–August.

  • Make sure that you are registered on CareerHub;
  • sign up to receive ‘Job alerts’ ;
  • and check the Graduate Recruitment Schedule and Events sections regularly as new posting are listed daily.

Following the previous blog on Winning the Graduate Recruitment Game, one of the important tips to getting started was: Attend career-related presentations, workshops, seminars and expos religiously. Just ‘being there’ has limited value. Prepare to be proactive and “Network”. The tremendous benefits of networking at these events enable you to

  • meet with your prospective employer in an informal yet professional environment;
  • learn about the different type of work being offered across the range of options;
  • hear about the experiences of recent graduates and their career paths;
  • find out how organisations differ;
  • discover the skills and attributes valued by employers;
  • establish a personal relationship with employers before making an application;
  • get familiar with the language or culture of the workplace and graduate recruitment expectations.

Even though you are in your 1st or 2nd year of study, taking the opportunity to explore career ideas and understanding the career implications on your subject and degree choice, which will make you a much more attractive candidate when you do start applying for positions.

Take a look at the tips available on the Vic Careers website. Vic Careers has put together a handbook with helpful guidelines on Graduate Recruitment & Summer Internships. If you are on campus you can collect your personal hard copy from Vic Careers at 14 Kelburn Parade.

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