A big welcome to all new and returning students – we hope you have a great year here at Vic.  A big hello to all recent grads as well – remember you can still use Vic Careers to help you with your job search.

There are 3 very good reasons why you need to come and see us at Vic Careers:

Direction – If you’re like most students and many new graduates, you probably don’t know what you want to do for a career and you may not even be sure of what courses you want to take or what subjects to major in.  Your ‘career vision’ may be limited to what you know and is familiar to you – careers your friends and family may be involved in, what you may have learned at school, work experience you may have had, or what you know from watching television and reading magazines.  We can open up a whole new world of exciting fields, employers and opportunities you may never have heard about.

Network Opportunities – one thing that has not changed over the years is the fact that the majority of jobs (and some of the BEST jobs) are found by word of mouth and recommendations from other people.  Learn how to make valuable connections with alumni, employers and professional organisations.  Attend networking events held throughout the year designed especially for you.

Support – we can help you at every stage of your career development be it preparing a job application, getting ready for an interview, approaching employers for work experience, making choices about postgraduate study, identifying your personality type and much much more!

For a successful and happy career you need to think about your future and create a plan – visit Vic Careers now!  To keep informed about upcoming events, employer presentations and workshop make sure you are registered on CareerHub:  http://careerhub.vuw.ac.nz

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