I woke to the alarm this morning and reached over to stop it as quickly as possible so that it would be the least possible interruption to my sleep which I planned on returning to immediately. But by the alarm going off when it did and me hitting snooze when I did a single lyric from the song that was playing on the radio was perfectly framed by the surrounding silence.

…This’ll be the day that I die…

I rolled back to where I was lying and muttered

“That doesn’t bode well for the day”

Now my wife doesn’t usually show any sign that the alarm had any impact on her sleep (at least on its first sounding) but this sent her into fits of laughter which in her half asleep state sounded a bit like precious pup choking. I thought she was having a nightmare. I asked if she was ok and she managed to explain through her laughter that she was in fact laughing.

“What a great way to start the day.” I said, referring to her waking up laughing. I didn’t realise until later that in the space of about 15 seconds I’d gone from saying it was a terrible start to the day to a great start to the day. Isn’t it ironic – I really do think.

I can think of a few ways to spin some sort of career relevance or lesson out of my little tale but I’d like to leave it as a little snippet of my day and nothing more.

If you want to continue on this stream of frivolity check out this article from toxel.com: 12 Unusual and Creative Alarm Clocks.

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