We can probably all attest to the fact that teams perform better when they are positive. Many things contribute to this, such as having clear goals, open management style, an innovative culture and equal opportunities. However, sometimes it is the small and simple things that count and choosing to say positive things to your colleagues can make a big difference. It really doesn’t take much to give a positive comment but so many people forget to do it, are too busy and just don’t take a moment to consider the impact of honesty and praise.
People do remember the last thing you say to them and so use positive words. Think about saying things like:
“I thought that work you did last week was really good….”
“Thank you for the effort you put in today…”
Work projects can be complex and deadlines are not always met, so make sure you don’t complain about people or issues behind their backs but do it directly and speak up honestly in meetings. Don’t make excuses to your colleagues if you haven’t delivered on something. You can always say “I am sorry I didn’t achieve that…”
In my workplace, we support each other, offer to give a helping hand, and seek advice from each other. I think we genuinely try to recognise each other’s achievements. How is it in your workplace?

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