For the feedbacks I have received from the Graduate Recruiters we surveyed last year, the following topped the list.

No.1 - know the organisation, understand the industry, keep up with the latest

Straight from the employers:

  • Applicants need to understand our organisation/industry and why they want to work for us
  • They need to prepare more. A lot of them did not know what our organisation is or why they even want to work for us.
  • They need to keep up to date with what is happening in the business industry and markets.
  • Better knowledge of current business events and research on our firm and industry.
  • Learn about the organisation and what is happening in the world today. Some students, when asked about certain issue they were not sure or knew what was going on.
  • Successful interviewees showed knowledge of the general field we work in and major deals the firm has been involved in – all available on our website.
  • Some further research into the firm and the line of service that they were interviewing for would have impressed the partners.
  • Sometime students with multiple interviews didn’t seem as well prepared or to have researched the firm quite as well as students with fewer interviews. It is very important for the interviewers to get a feel for why the student had chosen to apply to our firm, and that they would be excited to work here.

AlertSo, if you are going in for an interview, be prepared, don’t get caught out by these…

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