10 May, 2012

One step ahead…


It’s always great to see a graduation photo in the newspaper: the flowers, the crowd, the joy, the smiles, the relief… a great moment indeed! However, if you are one of those who have no idea what you want to do next, the massive crowd could look rather threatening. All of a sudden, the relief is no longer a relief. Everyone in the photo could be after the same piece of pie as you!

So, how to stand out from the crowd?Footstep

I quite like the tagline used by the ASB Bank NZ: One Step Ahead. Yes, in a competitive environment, it does come down to if you are one step ahead of your competitors. To achieve this, I believe continuous self improvement and learning is the key. University teaches/equips us with the basic skills to learn, we have to use the skills to learn and grow on our own. With the advancement of technology around us, there’s absolutely no excuse to not keep learning.

Have a question/problem? Just go online and do a search. You can learn anything from science, health, IT through to fishing, cooking and cleaning. Don’t be too quick to use ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I can’t help’ to forget or pass on the problem to someone else. Instead, try to spend some time to search for the solution. Even if you don’t find the solution in the end, the process will still be very rewarding. But if you do find the solution, congratulations, you are now one step ahead…

No question/problem? Just find something new to learn: new software, technology, computer skills… The key is to keep growing and always be one step ahead. The worst place you ever want to be is to be one step behind.

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