It’s not long to go until the end of Semester One which means handing in final assignments and then preparing for those dreaded exams. I’m fortunate in that I don’t have an exam for my paper but trying to complete my essay is more than enough. Yes it’s only one but with working full-time and trying to juggle all the other roles in my life, one essay is actually more than enough for me and I can feel myself getting stressed just writing about it!

I know these emotions won’t last forever but I know I need to start managing my life roles better. What do I mean when I say life roles? Well, the way I see it, your career is not just about your worker or student role, career encompasses all of your life roles, be it parent, child, sibling, friend, homemaker, hobbyist, citizen etc. It also means that some of these roles are more salient than others, such as worker or student, and it can easily mean the other roles get pushed aside. In order to have a satisfying career it’s important to look at all of the roles in your life and make sure you manage your time effectively. This can sometimes seem like a burden but short of cutting your parents or friends out of your life, or letting the house become a pigsty, or quitting your gym because you simply can’t do any exercise (all stupid ideas by the way), how do you manage all your life roles successfully? The frustrating thing is I don’t think there is a quick answer that applies to all of us. Some people will say they will ask for an extension on an assignment, some will say they get their flatmate or partner to do their chores for that week, some will say they schedule one evening a week for relaxation time with a friend or family member. However you do it let this blog be a timely reminder to look at your own life roles. I stumbled across this on the Careers NZ website. It looks to see how well-balanced different areas in your life are. Definitely worth taking 10 minutes for.

If you find you’re struggling to manage all your life roles please seek the help of a careers consultant, counsellor or life coach. Don’t run the risk of getting burnt out.

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