A recent job search article I came across on quintcareers.com highlighted the importance of getting to grips with reality in the modern job search. “ Take it seriously, work at it, use all your contacts and focus on the results you want.” In a tight job market, entry-level graduate positions are competitive and if jobs are in short supply, getting back to the basics of job hunting ‘right’ is even more important. If you are having difficulties finding a job, you may need a reality check:

• Treat job hunting as your full-time activity, your full-time job. Try contacting people in your network every day with a goal of setting up interviews with your contacts or people they’ve referred you to.
• If you are conducting a ‘scattershot’ approach to your job-search (some job seekers think the best way is to apply for as many jobs as possible), the reality is the best job search efforts are ones that are focused on specific job areas with specific employer groups or industry. Use your time wisely to conduct research on those jobs and employers.
• Uncomfortable, shy, squeamish about networking? You don’t have to know a lot of people to network. It only takes one person to start your network and that person can refer you to others, and your network will expand. Networking is at its most effective when the networker and the contact reciprocally benefit from the relationship.
• Avoid having a ‘one size fits all’ version of your CV. Your CV and covering letter should be customised for the position you are applying for, and matches your qualification, skills and relevant experience. Your CV is your marketing document, highlighting your strengths and accomplishment to entice employers to invite you for an interview. Be aware that some employers are using software search database for specific keywords that relate to job vacancies.
• Recruiters are increasingly using social media such as LinkedIn to find candidates for hard to fill vacancies. If you have a LinkedIn account, one can tap into special-interest groups try to identify and connect with individuals and directly talk to about opportunities.
• You need a reality check if you don’t prepare for job interviews by anticipating questions!

You need a job-search reality check if…read more: http://www.quintcareers.com/job_reality_checks.html

Remember Victoria students and graduates that you can always discuss your job search strategy with a Vic Careers Consultant.

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