The world is changing. Fact. My colleague Belinda focused on the social media changes in her recent blog but another You Tube video points to how fast our entire world is changing

It’s interesting to consider how these changes will impact on our work environments. I don’t have the answers but it’s something I definitely believe we need to be thinking about. In my Graduate Diploma of Career Development we’ve been reading about the different ways the labour market of our future could be shaped. One of these is the boundaryless career. The term boundaryless career distinguishes between organisational careers that largely take place in large, stable firms and those that move across organisations and employers. It means independence from, rather than dependence on, traditional organisational career arrangements. This already exists in certain industries (think Silicon Valley in America) and for certain jobs (think artists, filmmakers) so it’s certainly not a new concept but it does highlight the importance of becoming more versatile in what you can offer an employer, especially with the job market being so competitive at the moment.

How do you think our future work environment will look?

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