You may be in the great position of having an interview for a graduate position coming up over the next few weeks. One of the many things you should be thinking about for that interview is how to present yourself. Here’s one or two other words of advice from a few other sources.

From the University of Adelaide website :

  • While dress codes vary in different industries, professions and workplaces, it is generally wise when attending an interview to note the following advice. Women should wear a smart skirt or trousers and blouse, or a business suit. For men, smart trousers and a shirt with a collar and tie are appropriate.
  • Dressing on the conservative side is generally advised unless you think that a more individual style of dress would be appreciated.
  • Personal grooming is very important: neat, freshly combed hair, clean fingers and nails, and clean shoes are recommended.
  • Physical appearance is a factor too – get a good rest the night before your interview so that you look and sound your best.
  • Wear something you feel comfortable in that is also professional.
  • Avoid strong perfume or aftershave and too much jewellery.

From the Boston College Website:

If you have an upcoming interview, plan to attend a career fair, or want to go to an employer information session, you may be wondering what to wear. Most students want to look their best when meeting with potential employers. However, knowing what attire is appropriate and assembling a stylish but conservative outfit may be daunting.

Any time you meet with an employer, whether it’s at a career fair, interview, or information session, dress should be business professional unless otherwise stated. Information about business casual is provided in the following links in order to help you get a fuller picture of how to dress for the world of work.

And here’s a few other links to check out:

careerbuilder.c0m: What not to wear to an interview what to wear at a job interview Kiwi’s workplace attire becoming more casual Dressing for job interview success Interview appearance and attire

Dress for Success helps women find appropriate clothes for interview – Victoria University students can contact us for a referral as well as to get some great advice directly from one of our Career Consultants.

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