Life Jar

What’s in your life jar?

Family, work, health, money, study, social network or something else?

How much space has each of the items occupies?
Too many things (tasks) in the jar?
Not enough space (time)?
Too many big players?

Busy busy busy
… everyone seems to be so busy these days. Whenever I ask someone about their day/week, inevitably the word ‘busy’ would appear somewhere in their reply. It’s almost a standard practice to do so, and I’m no exception either.
It’s almost as though the brain is too busy  to even process an accurate answer, the auto-pilot would automatically take control and put the word ‘busy’ on our forehead.

But seriously, are we really that busy? Or is it just a matter of not knowing how to set our priorities?

Maybe it’s time to rethink and reallocate our resources and focuses…
Let’s conduct an audit and see where our precious time has disappeared to! And ask ourselves: The time spent, is it bringing in any value?

Making good use of the time you have?

What really matters actually?

Yes it is fantastic that we can make a lot of connections and learn heaps via the internet these days, but there’s so much more to life than just hanging out with the computer. Of course, everyone has got different priorities in their lives. I’m not trying to tell you what yours should be, but you definitely would want to make sure that your life jar is filled with the things that are of value to you, not just anything.

My personal favourite:

“Even if our life is filled with all the little and big things, there’s always time for a good cup of coffee.”
Jarod, Cliconomics

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