if someone were to say to you “It’s Wednesday – hump day!” which of the following are you most likely to do?

a) Cringe in awkward silence and think “I don’t know what they mean and don’t want to ask”
b) Agree and say something like “It’s been a long week so far”
c) Say “No, Wednesday is leftovers for lunch day”
d) Laugh at them because it’s only Tuesday and they’re going to have a long week no matter what it is they’re on about!

It became apparent recently that only a hand-full of people in our office knew that “hump day” referred to Wednesday – the middle day of the week. Yes, a few sideways glances were shared before someone dared ask. Wednesday is the day that us 9-5 Monday to Friday working stiffs can start looking forward to the weekend without kidding ourselves. It’s the day after which most of the week is behind you, you’ve done the uphill slog to get to this point and it’s all downhill from here just like climbing a proverbial mountain – Wednesday is the day you reached the top and it gets easier from there. Of course no one actually thinks the work is any easier after this point it’s just that the fact that the weekend is coming somehow makes it ok.

Here’s a clip for a song which is completely unrelated

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