Last weekend one of my fellow students was role-playing and mentioned she wants to find a job she is passionate about. When she was asked to define what passion meant to her in a job she struggled to come up with a response. She eventually said that for her it was waking up in the morning and feeling excited about going to work. Why was it hard for her to think of a response? Is it because she doesn’t really think she’ll find passion?

I think everyone would love a job that makes them want to leap out of bed rather than hit the snooze button on the alarm clock but is this realistic? Passion in relationships is a fickle beast, it can flare up for few glorious days, weeks, months then be gone just like that. Most people seem to want something more solid and reliable on which to base a relationship on.

So what about passion in a career choice? Is there a career where passion has to be the driving force? Since it’s summer Olympics time I was thinking of our athletes and while only a handful will win medals they are obviously still competing for a reason. Is it passion that keeps them going even when they know they may not make the medals? What about the rest of us? What do you strive for in your chosen career? Is passion important or are you happy to do something that simply gives you satisfaction?

I found these quotes from an American Forbes article very interesting:

 “If you don’t have the skills, expertise or background for the job, you can jump up and down with all the passion in the world and it won’t make a difference…… Don’t just say you’re passionate. Demonstrate your passion…. Volunteer work in your passion, a side business in your passion, an encyclopedic knowledge of your passion, and an extensive network of contacts active and influential in your passion are examples of ways to tangibly demonstrate your passion. Yes, it will take time, energy and focus to accumulate any of these – that’s the point!” 

It’s certainly an interesting topic to debate. I personally think passion is something you can strive for in your career but it does take commitment and like a relationship you do have to keep working at it. For those of you striving for passion but not sure where to find it, this article from gives you a few pointers on how to find your career passion.

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