Have you ever been to a martial arts (black belt) grading event? Sparring
I have just been to one, here’s the story.

At the grading event,
The examiners’ task: Push the candidates’ to their breaking point, physically and mentally (and not kill them hopefully)!
The candidates’ task: Stay up and sane till the end (if the end ever comes)! And keep away from reaching their breaking point.

After hours of gruelling workout, the candidates felt like they had done their best, given their all and had absolutely nothing left in the tank. However, the examiners seemed to have just started, they threw in more requests and invited more fighters to get into the ring to throw the candidates off. Though their body felt like a million tonne, there wasn’t an option for these candidates to give up, they had to push on, stay up and keep up their guard. Otherwise, something would probably break (choice of nose or bone I think)!

Ok, enough of the nasty stuff, let’s skip and go straight to the end – Yes, they have all passed the grading test! They were thrilled of course. However, their joy wasn’t just coming from the fact that they have obtained a new rank, it was more from the new realisation of how much more they could achieve, above and over their usual ‘max’! They thought they knew where their breaking point was, but the examiners knew better!

Yes indeed many times in our lives, we are just like the candidates in the grading test, we feel like we have done our best – our absolute best.
But, is that really the case?

Our perception could be rather deceiving at times, the breaking point that we see is often not the real breaking point, the real one is probably still miles off the track. The fear of failing is creating us an illusionary breaking point and it’s crippling us from becoming a higher achiever. To get over this hurdle, sometimes all it takes is just a little small brave step into the unknown.

Is this really the end of road?


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