Last week, my colleague shared with us an interesting article titled, Stop Apologising for your Arts Degree. As I am preparing for the next Careers seminar for students studying social science degrees, it seems so appropriate to blog on this. The writer looks back on the value of an Arts degree, including personal qualities and intellectual skills enhance one’s abilities.

Over the years I’ve realized that the angst stems from the fact that Arts graduates don’t leave with a ‘title’ and in a world where what we do, not who we are defines us; this renders the title-less, somehow deficient. The fact that we can’t be pigeon-holed must be frustrating when the world is about speedy introductions and snazzy labels. Since my days of denial I’ve come to understand that for me an Arts degree was perfect. It taught me to think critically, it allowed me to explore my creative side and I got to take part in robust discussion on things I would have read on my own anyway. Most importantly an arts degree allowed me to invent myself in any which way I chose without restriction or restraint.

At beginning of a career, your formal qualifications play an important part in graduate recruitment in conjunction with other factors such as excellent communication skills, problem solving, analytical and conceptual skills, combined with your personal interest and talents. Employers also look for graduates with good attitude, able to be flexible and adaptable, and to have a realistic view of the world of work.

Come to our Careers in Focus seminar on 18th September:

Explore where a BA degree can take you, listen to a panel of inspirational speakers – recent graduates will share their personal experiences with working in the private and public sectors and talk about how they got their jobs and give hot tips for job hunting! This is followed by informal networking in a relaxed environment with more Vic Alumni (range of Arts majors) and recruiters; a chance for a reality check or to find your dream job. For those registered you can find out more on Victoria CareerHub. Why choose an Arts degree? Check out Career Views leaflets on Arts majors.

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