Whenever I’m at a crossroads, I think of this poem: The Road Not Taken. The Author’s ability to capture and nail all the elements involved in life choices and decisions in this poem is astounding. Indeed, in life, we don’t often have the luxury to choose everything simultaneously. We have to make hard choices and hope that they will turn out to be the right ones, taking into consideration the emotions and feelings involved.

Ah, the difficult reality of life… decision,decision, decision!
You start making your first significant decision in life when you graduate. And from there on, things start rolling and gathering momentum, one after another, and then… more decisions follow.

Hence, decision is very much a Living being! After you have given birth to one, it will cultivate and evolve on its own, there’s no stopping. So, if you are a soon-to-be graduate, you may want to be more deliberate with your decision-making and start thinking about your possible future paths after graduation:
Graduate's options / paths / choices / decisions

1. The obvious and well-travelled path: Get a job (typical but safe option)!
This will help to get the money in, set you free financially, raise your status and gain some real world experience. Many have been there, done that, you could probably find help and resources easily.
However, there could be a lot of you out there, equally qualified (this is a well-travelled path afterall), you would probably end up being just another average Joe Blogg on the street, no surprises.

2. The less travelled path: Study further (riskier option)!
While you still have the momentum, why not just keep going with the studies. This will put you ahead of your peers in terms of qualification (particularly helpful if you want to pursue a career in the academic field).
However, don’t just study for the sake of study (when you just don’t know what else to do). It does mean more money going out of your pocket! Also, be aware that qualification may not be as important as work experience for some industry. Make sure you do your calculations and checks.

3. The unseen path: Follow your passion and create your own path (riskiest option)! 
If you have a special interest/insight/skill in certain area, but there’s nothing out there for you, you may want to start up your own business and take off with it. You will get the opportunity to learn and find new things that you might otherwise not. It would be very rewarding if you pull through – be the first to discover and walk through this unseen path, how cool is that?
However, it could be a complete failure, you could be suffering from financial and emotional losses big time! Maybe it’s worth buying a lotto ticket for back up?

Whatever your decision is, you can never be 100% sure of the outcome. Didn’t they say that ‘all roads lead to Rome’? Whichever path you choose to go with, just make sure that you are fully committed and follow through with it. Maybe with the help of ‘chance’, you will get there.

All the best with your decision making.

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