17 September, 2012

Event networking

Our next Careers in Focus seminar is ‘Careers with a BA’ and it’s happening tomorrow night. We’ve been promoting it a lot so I hope all you Humanities and Social Science students have signed up! You still have time – click here: http://careerhub.vuw.ac.nz/ViewEvent.chpx?id=117057

The second hour will be a chance for you to network with the panel speakers, Vic alumni and employers. If you’re not a naturally extraverted person then networking can seem a bit daunting but the great thing about this event is the people you are networking  with have been specifically invited to talk to you. They want you to approach them! All you need to do is walk up to them, smile, introduce yourself and then have a good icebreaker to start the conversation, something like “I’ve always been interested in Company Z, what’s it like working there?”  or “I see that you studied English, I’m studying English too and I was interested in how you found your job?” 

It will get easier the more times you do it, trust me, and an event like tomorrow is a really good chance to practice. Vic Careers will have a table there so come and get some help from us if you need it!

We have this tip sheet in our office so have a read of it before tomorrow night.

Hope to see you there.

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