This blog comes from one of our student Volunteer Careers Assistants, Rebecca. Check out what she has to say…

Summer is in the air. For many of you this means jandals, the beach, ice-cream, tramping, sleeping-in and road-trips. For others, summer is a period for topping up the bank account in preparation for the next year—even if it means working long hours in a supermarket or waking up at 3.30am to milk cows. It’s never fun having to work a mundane job, but least of all when the sun is shining.

Ideally, you want the best job possible for your summer break—not only a job that is going to be interesting, but one that will look great on your C.V.  Summer jobs are often hotly contested, and to guarantee your ideal job you will need something that is going to make you stand out from the rest.

So my advice for you today is: Fill in the blanks in your C.V. Portray yourself as the well-rounded, likeable, organised, and motivated individual that you are. It all comes down to volunteering your time and learning new skills. Here is a few things that you will give your C.V some flesh while being at university:

  1. Do work-experience. Work-experience can give you many skills which you can load up your C.V with—not to mention a glowing reference or potential job offers.
  2. Get involved in club executives. Clubs are mini organisations. Many of the skills you will learn here will transfer to future workplaces.
  3. Play sports! Not only does this improve your health and brain-power, this shows employers that you are a team-player and sociable person.
  4. Volunteer! Find a local charity and give some time or love to people who need it. 

All these things can give you great references. A lecturer applauding your leadership skills or your boss praising your ability to work unsupervised gives your marketability a major boost. For myself personally, working here at Vic Careers as a Volunteer Careers Assistant, I can say that doing work experience is one of the best things I’ve done while at university. I work a mere two hours a week but I’ve learnt so much. Most notably, the ability to work with people—talking on the phone, booking appointments, and helping people get the service they want.

Now is the time to start looking for these little opportunities to add to your C.V. Check the Voluntary Work section on CareerHub, or look up Volunteer Wellington. There are so many opportunities out there—there’s bound to be something that you are interested in!

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  1. Highlighting the skills and word format are the best tips for preparing the great CV, which results in getting into your dream jobs.




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